Choke the bitch

From Create Your Own Story

You wrap your hands around his throat as he thrashes and bucks against your body. His cock hardens as he thrusts against you, unwittingly turning himself on. He whimpers and tries to get away as you continue to throttle him. You feel his ass back up onto your rock-hard cock and you both freeze in surprise. You stare at each other for a second before you smile and force your way into his asshole. His fighting resumes and he squirms even harder, but you are already inside. He lets out a gurgle of what you expect to be pain and fear, but he is still hard as hell. He thrusts against your body as you continue to strangle and fuck him. He can hold his breathe for an amazingly long time, but you want to bust a nut in him while he is still here. You pile drive your massive cock into him over and over again with enough force to rock him across the floor. You groan and snarl like a feral animal as he stops trying to stop you and completely focuses on his cock. You continue rolling your hips into him while your meaty nuts slap powerfully against his butt. You growl as you feel yourself getting ready to fill this bitch up with your jizz. He willingly submits and even lets out a soft little moan of pleasure as the asphyxia makes him hypersensitive while you slam into his prostate like a freight train. You feel your boils boil and you thrust into him balls deep as you claim his ass. Cum rockets out of your dick in a fountain so overwhelming you don't even notice his cum painting your chest. You squeeze his neck even harder as you keep cumming and hear a loud 'CRACK' as you crush his windpipe. He doesn't even try to stop you as he leans back in a masochistic bliss and with a relaxed smile on his face. By the time you stop dominating him, he is already gone and pull out with an audible 'POP'. You smile down on the two bitches, satisfied that they served their roles of pleasing you. What now?

Clean yourself up and walk home

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