Check your purple-parts.

From Create Your Own Story

You open your scar and reach around with your purple tentacles. You slide your tentacles under the bedsheets and grasp your thick ridged cock with them. Caressing the base, your tentacles start to rub it, making you moan and thrust your hips. Sending another tentacle down, you caress your balls, groaning and sweating. You conjure up a girl in your mind, one in short shorts and a tight shirt that leaves her stomach exposed and shows off her firm breasts. You imagine her standing in front of you and slipping her hand down your pants, caressing you. Suddenly, you hear a knock on your door. You get up, still stroking yourself and walk to the door.

Peering through the eyehole, you see it's a girl about your age in a tight shirt that leaves her stomach exposed and short shorts that show off her long purple legs. In fact, it you think she looks exactly like the girl you were just thinking about. You rub your eyes, hoping you're deceiving yourself. When you look again, she's still there, looking a little impatient.

Do you:

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