Check out the zucchini

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I put the grapefruit into my cart and then looked back at her, saying, “Could you help me with my zucchini as well?” I grinned at her with a bit of fire in my eye.

This time I got a real smile, not just the painted on one for the public. “Sure. The thing with zucchini is that you want one long and hard enough to meet your needs.”

With a setup line like that, how can I refuse? “You can always take the zucchini home and eat it to see if it meets your needs,” I said, licking my lips to make sure she got it.

She grinned more intently at me, and I could see by her breasts that she was turned on: big bumps had appeared in her black belly shirt. She got a hungry, predatory look in her eye, and said in a low voice barely above a whisper, “I love eating zucchini. How about right now?” She licked her lips in a way that made my pants melt.

She did not mean ‘Go home right now’; she meant ‘Right now in the store’. I could almost hear the sound of ripping denim as my member suddenly filled all the space in my pants, getting painfully rigid. I thought for two seconds and then grabbed her wrist to pull her along. She squealed with delight that I was spontaneous enough to take her up on the offer. She caught up to me and nibbled my ear as I led us to the back of the store.

I quickly walked through the big double swinging doors into the warehouse area. I looked all around to find what I wanted. After a short bit of searching, I saw what I sought: a hidden alcove created between tall pallets of grocery items.

We hurried through the large room, trying to avoid the attention of any workers back here. Nobody was in sight. We reached the opening to the area and I ushered the gorgeous Amazon into the mostly-enclosed space. Once through the space between the pallets, the resulting area was surprisingly large, plenty of room for our purpose.

What next?

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