Check out the sports field.

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You decide to check out the sports field, following the hunch that a certain girl will be there. You yourself aren't a part of any sports teams here, though it's pretty much impossible to pass up the opportunity to hang out at this academy's sports field at least once, in order to see all the adorable animal girls running around in their tight gym clothes.

As you reach the sports field, your hunch is confirmed as you look across the field. Though all the girls here are quite sexy in their own right, you quickly spot the cream of the crop: Amelia the usagimimi.

You sit down in the bleachers, taking out your biology textbook to feign studying while secretly staring up to watch Amelia run track. It's especially hot today, and you can tell Amelia is sweating even at the distance you are from her. Her ass is as round and perfect as always, her bunny ears flopping about as she runs at a speed that makes you feel like a paraplegic in comparison. It would be nonsense to scoff at the speed of an usagimimi.

After a while, she's put on break by her coach, and she walks off the track, giving all her friends high-fives before stumbling towards the bleachers, visibly fatigued by the impressive show she just put on. You catch your opportunity, shutting your textbook and walking towards her.

"Hey!" you call out to her, heading to the bench she's sitting at.

Stats & Affinity
Position Human Student Affinity:


Status Healthy
Location Sports Field
Personality Neutral
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