Check in on the radio.

From Create Your Own Story

"Callsign: Twisted, reporting in. I've just had a firefight with two hostiles in the uh... city hall building at the end of the street, over."

After an awkward pause over the course of about five seconds, you finally receive your (totally irrelevant) response from Colonel Ashton, the head of the operation.

"This is your Colonel speaking, you're all to be assigned squads. Meet on the City Hall steps to be assigned to a squad. Anyone above the rank of Private First Class is eligible to lead a squad. The rest of you, which should be the majority, will be the regular soldiers. And I'm not saying everyone above Private First Class is leading either."

You let out a sigh of relief, considering Corporals are the minority of the leaders. After all, you don't want to look after eight to sixteen little children...

Of course, following your colonel's instructions (otherwise would be considered an act of treason amongst the military), you rallied over to the steps of the building.

"Listen up, men. Master Sergeant Keller is in charge of Alpha Squad. Corporal Delair is head of Beta, and lastly, but not least, Sergeant McWells will take Charlie."

He then assigned soldiers to those squads. You were officially assigned to Charlie. At least you didn't get an inexperienced, shaking-in-his-boots Corporal.

Check out your teammates.

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