Chance to change

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Authors note: This is a story which will have multi endings ranking from slut to a proper girl, I will also try to and at least one addition per day but sorry if I don't I'll try to make it up on another day with multiple, I know how people hate unfinished stories.

Essential information

Name: Carel larisil

Age: 17

Dream Job: Lesbian Call Girl

Body:dirty Blonde. Small ass. A cup breasts.

Past: Your parents have always been traveling constantly leaving you home With your best friend, Karen. During one of your times home alone you both found out how much you enjoyed each other and you both had your cherries popped by each other at your 13th birthday. Now, with your sexual desire, you have been the lesbian slut at the all girl high school for 3 years now,now having sex with other students at times But something about this year seems different it seems like a change is possible

Now it begins

You wake up. It is 6 am, and you notice that you are naked as you normally are. You admire your body lightly rubbing your pussy causing you to get slightly wet you start masterbating but then you remember it's Monday. You then stop and go to your closet and put on your skirt, panties and socks you then look at your bras and wonder if you should put one on or not.

You decide to,

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