Cersei will take it in her ass

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Robb enjoyed the sight of Cersei Lannister on her knees immensely. But of course it would get much better than that.

Not wasting any time, he opened his pants. His cock was already rock-hard in anticipation, and he thought he heard a slight hint of a surprised gasp from the former Queen as she saw his manhood. Bigger than your brother's, isn't it? he thought.

"Turn around", he said calmly. Cersei swallowed and obeyed. "Bend over" was Robb's next command.

She only hesitated a short moment, then bent forward, getting on all fours. How unqueenly, the Lord of Winterfell thought.

Her body was still hidden under her beautiful red dress, but he could clearly make out the curve of her voluptuous butt through the fabric.

Robb walked walked towards her, reached down and lifted her dress. Soon he uncovered her smallclothes which he quickly ripped open. Her exposed butt was mature, but still surprisingly tight and smooth. He ran his finger over her slit, up to her asshole. She breathed out disapprovingly.

Robb wasted no time. He grabbed his cock and inserted it. It was clear she had done anal before, but the sudden invasion without any arousal made her scream out all the same.

He thrust deeper, making her squirm and cry out. "I shouldn't do all the work", Robb said. "Spread your asshole for me, Cersei." The former Queen did nothing, but Robb could feel her tremble in anger. "I'm sure Myrcella would present me her little butt..."

Panting heavily, Cersei leaned forward, resting her face on the floor, and put her arms around her body. She placed her hands on her buttcheeks and pulled them to the side, spreading her ass in the process.

"Good slut", Robb said and spit on her hole, trying to lube it up a little bit. Then he went in deeper. Cersei cried out again.

"If you're already in pain, you're not gonna like the other half of my cock", Robb said lightheartedly. Cersei moaned in anguish and terror hearing that, but that was quickly replaced by a scream of pure pain as Robb went in completely with one violent thrust. Her ass is barely tighter than another girl's cunt.

With the help of a bit more saliva, Robb started fucking Cersei. He made sure not to go easy on her and pulled out almost completely every time before ramming it in again. After a few thrusts, Cersei was a groaning and screaming mess on the floor. Robb wanted to enjoy this as long as possible, but the arousal of raping Cersei Lannister just overwhelmed him, he sped up and suddenly came, filling up her ass with his semen.

Exhausted and satisfied, he retreated from her body and slapped her ass as cum was dripping out of her. "I will expect you to stay in shape, Queen Cersei", he said mockingly. "The moment your body is no longer appealing I will replace you with your daughter." With that, Robb ordered his guards to take Cersei back to her cell, where she belonged. When she was back in her cell, alone, Cersei let her head drop, and cried.

Robb walked out of his room, contemplating his next destination.

The Targaryen Girl


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