Cellar Door

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                                           == Cellar Door ==


"Where am I? Where the hell am I?" Alison softly moaned as she slowly regained consciousness. The first thing she noticed was her arms restrained by a pair of handcuffs securing her to a light fixture that dangled from the ceiling. The second was her lack of clothing; she was completely naked.

"What the fuck... what the fuck is going on!" Alison tried to scream in vain as it came out in a painful dry rasp.

All Alison could tell was that she was in some sort of room, maybe a basement or cellar. The room was freezing cold and her body was reacting accordingly. She could feel her nipples hard and erect and felt a little embarrassed by the situation. Who ever held Alison captive had stripped her of clothes and had seen Alison in all her naked glory, perhaps had even done more than have a look.

Alison was a virgin, but did that matter? Alison was a good girl who never disobeyed her parents, but did that matter? No, of course it didn't matter to the psychopath who had put her here. Stripped her nude, put her in handcuffs and who was probably going to kill her.

Alison knew if she didn't do something, and do it fast, she would be at the mercy of her captor and no matter the outcome she was sure it wouldn't be pleasant.

Does Alison:

Alison's Status
Memories None
Evidence None
Location Alison can only see her own naked, bound body. The single bulb doesn't provide enough light to see the rest of the room.
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