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Sunlight shines in through the window. Cecilia slowly opens her eyes and rolls naked out of bed. She walks into the bathroom, looks in the mirror and frowns. Though she has just woken up, her long brown hair flows perfectly over her flawless alabaster shoulders. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue and her perfectly-shaped C-cup breasts look amazing on her athletic body.

She doesn't see any of that.

All Cecilia sees are the insignificant flaws that nobody else can see. To her, her skin is too blotchy. Her ass is too fat. Her hair is too dull. She doesn't know how beautiful she is.

"God," she moans, running her hand across her forehead and through her chocolate-colored hair, "Zeus, Satan, anybody! I wish I was sexy and desirable to men. That's all I would need and then I'd be happy."

Be careful what you wish for... thinks Satan with a devilish grin. From this moment onward, you are marked. Every man you talk to will only want one thing from you: sex. And they will do anything to get it. And they will get it, whether you like it or not!

Cecilia doesn't notice the unperceivable shimmer around her body as the curse takes effect. She throws on some clothes and starts her day...

Where does she go?

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