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This guide is to help those who wish to edit the story The Final Days of Highschool


This story is to be about a character in his final days of school. He is realising he hasn't done much with his highschool life that is real exciting. He is going to get the chance to bang many of his fellow classmates, teachers, neighbors, family, etc. The story is most likely to take a lot of turns and split off at a lot of points. If you are going to split a section off, be sure you are going to put in the time to give it some content.(I hate seeing stories with split areas, but little to no paths) Also, when you introduce another character, please add it to this list. Follow the format the character list has been doing.


Name- Matt Sterling(Main Character) Age- 18 Description- Black hair, brown eyes, and six foot 2, he is somewhat fit from his career as an athlete, although he wasn't very good. He is close with his family, especially his sister as they talk about everything together. His best friend Jack, hangs with him at school and gives him help when ever he needs it on his school work. He has a crush on Haley Bower, a girl who he sits behind in his English Class and is also a good friend of his sister. He hasn't had sex a lot, but he is somewhat experienced. He is packing an 8 inch dick.

Name- Sophie Sterling(sister) Age- 18 Description- She has brown hair and light green eyes.Sophie 5ft 2". She isn't very gifted in the chest, she has only B cups. She is a little shy around most people, except her family. Her connection with her brother causes her to act more wild and open with him around. She is very clean with her body, she shaves regularly, and works hard to keep her appearance up. She has only done one sport. Her track career is very good. She is a distance runner, and has a very fit body because of it. She does well in her classes, and occasionally helps her brother when he is struggling in a class or on an assignment. She has all the same classes as her brother, as well as lunch. They both sit together be themselves usually, unless Jack or Haley sits with them.

Name- Carl Sterling(father) Age- 47 Description- Carl is the classic business man. He works long hours, and spends most time at home in his study working. He tends to go on long business trips. He is fairly fit. He is 5ft 10 inches, black hair and brown eyes.

Name- Sarah Sterling(Mother) Age- 40 Description- Sarah is a nurse at the nearby hospital. She works long hours, but tries to spend time at home with her kids. She is 5ft. Sarah has Blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a milf body and has a pair of DD boobs. She enjoys showing her body when she ca, as her husband shows little attention to her. She does stay loyal and doesn't cheat on him. She is a little too comfortable with her son, and he is the same to her.

Name- Jack Williams Age- 17 Description- He is one of the biggest computer nerds in the school. He is 5ft 6, and his red hair makes him stand out among his classmates. He enjoys jokes, and his best friend Matt. He gets picked on frequently at school, but Matt protects him when he sees. He likes to play online games with Matt and they usually stay up late into the night. He is a genius, and has all A's.

Name- Haley Bower Age- 18 Description- She is 5ft 8. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She is a distance runner like her friend Sophie. She is pretty fit, but still doesn't compare to Sophie's ability. She has a pair of C cups. She gets a lot of attention from boys, and usually dates the big jocks of the school. Close to the start of the story she is single after finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her.

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