Catching A Thief

From Create Your Own Story

You are sound asleep, when the sound of something breaking in the kitchen wakes you. You are the only member of your family that happens to be home, so it isn't any of them. Your eight inch erection from the pleasant dream you were having slowly dies down. You have no idea who is making the sound, only that it is someone that should not be there. You slip your robe on and grab a pistol to confront the intruder as you silently make your way towards the noise.

You see someone rummaging through a drawer and say, "Don't move. I'm have a gun and will shoot."

You see hands move up slowly and a female's voice pleads, "Please don't shoot, Mr. Anderson."

The voice sounds more than a little familiar, since you have heard it many times over the years. She is Janet, your daughter's best and oldest friend. You guess she thought you were going to be gone as well.

You lower the gun and demand, "Turn around, Janet. I'm not going to shoot you."

She turns slowly and you can just make out the tears in her eyes, then begs, "Please don't tell my parents, Mr. Anderson."

You look at her angrily and say, "I'm not calling your parents, Janet. I'm calling the police."

She starts to cry and gets on her knees in front of you then begs, "Please don't, Mr. Anderson. I'm sorry for breaking in. I'll do anything you want."

It is tempting to call the police, but you are also tempted to see what anything means to Janet. Sure, you can start out slow with a blowjob and progress from there. It's been a long time sine you fucked a nineteen year old and would certainly like to again. If you plan everything right, then you could have her ass as well. She could be your own little sex slave, but she also broke into your house and are pissed off about that. It is not an easy decision.


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