Catch me if you can

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"Bang" a lifeless body stumble upon a bloody rag. a Jack in the box plays in the background. the lifeless corps turns out to be a girl as her long gold blond hair is now covered entirely by blood. a masked figure stands above her creepily looking at the corps. the figure grabs her by the head and pulls her away slowly without a care.


You step out of your car knowing that everyone is watching. "Being popular isn't easy, you don't even know why you are" thinking that thought you look around the school searching for your friends now are you a guy?

  • Tony Donovan, 16 years old, brown hair, green eyes, African American (Bisexual)
  • Alec Donovan, 17 years old, blond hair, deep blue eyes, Caucasian (Tony's adopted cousin and next friend, Alec has feelings for Tony but does Tony feel the shame way, (Homosexual)
  • Shawn Mandel, 17 years old, black hair, brown eyes, Caucasian (is dating Nthabi, (Straight)
  • Caleb Jones, 16 years old, brown hair, black eyes, Spanish (is Shawn's best friend and dating Tatum (bisexual)

or are you a girl

  • Tatum Donovan, 16 years old, brown hair, gray eyes, African American (Tony's twin sister and is dating Caleb (straight)
  • Kolbe Azukasi, 16 years old, gold brown hair, brown eyes, Asian (lives next the Donovan's and is in love with Tony (straight)
  • Nthabeleng "Nthabi" Mnisi, 17 years old, black hair, black eyes, South African (is dating Shawn and best friends with Kolbe and Tatum (straight)
  • Tessa Smiths, 17 years old, black hair, brown eyes, Caucasian ( best friends with Lea (lesbian)
  • Lea Van Dyke, 16 years old, red hair, green eyes, English (Tessa's best friend (bisexual)
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