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height : 5'2" (158cm)

Weight : 128lbs (58kg)

Bust : 34C

Waist : 28

Hip : 40

General Description : Homely girl, slightly chubby. Brown hair and gray eyes. Unremarkable.

Combat Stats

Favourite Weapon : None, forced to use dual scimitars, Combat power : 6. (Equally likely to hurt herself than the enemy.)

Unarmed Combat Power : 2. (She might lose to a 10-12 year old.)

Strength : Limited. (She's strong enough to keep standing.. most of the time anyway.)

Speed : Limited. (Her reactions are slow and her body is slower.)

Endurance : Limited. (Usually surrenders after she sees blood, even if it isn't hers.)

Willpower : Limited. (She's worthless and she knows it, hell they tell her everyday.)

Magical Ability : Limited. (she has some magical ability, enough to burn her own hands if she tries to cast a spell.)

Personal Stats

Patience : Low. (Gets distracted and bored very easily. To the frustration of whoever is trying to teach her something)

Diplomacy : Low. (While she doesn't mind giving her opinion to the point of nagging you, she isn't really respected enough for others to listen to her.)

Intimidate : None. (She's more dangerous to herself than anyone else.)

Bluff : Medium. (She can tell a lie, wether anyone will believe it or even care is another matter.)

Charm : Low/medium. (She is looked down on too much for anyone to want to be friends with her, much less lovers. She has had some boyfriends before, tho how serious they were about her is uncertain.)

Sneaking : High. (hiding from problems she doesn't want to deal with is about the only thing she's good at, and it makes her hate herself even more.)

Acrobatics : Limited. (On the clumsy side.)

Tool Use : Medium. (She can deal with a few fun contraptions or pick a simple lock.)

Survival : Medium. (Having no friends, she's had to learn to take care of herself, wether she does a good job at it is another matter.)

General Personality : Scared of fighting, depressed, trying to hide from her problems. Sometimes gets suicidal. A real emo in the negative sense of the word.

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