Cassandra - Scissors B1F

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Cassandra plays rock, you lose.

You curse under your breath, but Cassandra remains as stoically smiling as ever.

"You lose again, this time take the shorts off." She says.

You nervously unsnap the button on your shorts and begin edging out of them, you start to blush, not only are you now in your underwear, but you're also wearing such an embarrassing pair of panties; a white pair with read polka-dots emblazoned on them, once again, hindsight is 20/20, but you are seriously regretting your choice of underwear.

"Aww, how cute!" Cassandra coos at the sight of your panties, but that does not flatter you one bit "Okay, let's keep playing."

You play the next round, and throw out:

Clothing Bra, polka-dot panties
Orgasms 3
Gender Female
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