Cartoonish Chronicles

From Create Your Own Story

You can't quite remember what happened for the past few days. I mean yeah, you were on the computer, but how'd you get here?

It's dark and the only light is ahead of you by a yard or two. You feel funny, as if something changed about your body. You get a grip of yourself and stand up. Gravity hits you right then and there and you stumble against a barrier but instead of a wall, it's more like a fence. You don't want to know what happens if you climb over so with a quick initiative you grip the cylinder bar, outlining the path's fence until the blood comes back to your legs. This causes you to hyperventilate but you calm down after a short moment. You press on the dark path until you hit a wall. But you literally melt into the wall then bounce off and hit the floor. You look up at the light and hold your head. Wait a minute...

You take a closer look at your hand...

It's 2D!

Before you know it, you realize you're literally a cartoon. Before you can freak out, two shady figures throw you into the room, past the door you didn't notice. You get set down in a chair next to your chums, Jessica, Cody, Brooke and Nate.

"Is this our new cartoon? Will it bring in the ratings?"

The lights instantly turn on to show a very short man in a black pinstripe suit. He fashions a frown and narrowed eyebrows. His skin is rugged which contrasts his suit, that didn't look to have a single wrinkle on it. His hands are interlaced together by their fingers and he seems unimpressed.

You're going to be in a cartoon, you think. This gets you and your friends excited.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you have been chosen by your friendships and potential to be converted into a cartoon. This isn't a choice, rather a decision. I am your leader. I am not a boss nor president. Call me, "Mister Toon"."

"Will we be able to meet any other cartoon characters?"

"Dude, you need to get laid by Mrs. Toon and tell us how to get out of here."

"That sounds awesome. What channel will we be on? When can we start?"

"I cannot believe this is happening to any of us. How do I know you aren't kidding?"

Health 100 Equipment:


MP 0
Level 1
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