Carnival Fuck

From Create Your Own Story

You're running late to meet Jenna and Michael at the carnival after Jake pulled over to try and get something started. It's been weeks now. You're not in the mood and now Jake's in a mood because he thinks it's his fault. It isn't. He's still attractive to you, you just don't know why it's not setting off sparks like it used to.

You find your friends and feel even worse. Jenna is gorgeous as always and from the way Michael's always lazily smiling, you'd say his girlfriend isn't causing any problems. They're both happy to see you and start dragging you both around the carnival and the endless array of booths starts to make your head spin.

After awhile you've wondered off on your own and notice a man standing at the opening of a tent, looking at you. He beckons you inside. You figure he's lanky enough that you could take him so follow to see what he's selling.

"Here, you take this," he says, offering you a dark purple vial.

"I'm not paying for that," you tell him straight.

"No, no. You take it. For beautiful lady," he insists, pressing it into your hand.

Now you're even more suspicious.

"What is it?"

"Sex potion."

You almost laugh out load but his smile seems so genuine.



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