Cape City Cruising

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Your alarm goes off for about two seconds before you hit the snooze button, and for the first time in days, you don't have a splitting headache. A more religious person might call it a miracle, and for a brief moment, you can't help but agree. The nasty cold you had seems to have passed overnight, meaning you won't be stuck in bed for the day.

Practically jumping out of bed, you go through your morning ritual with more ease than you've been used to. When was the last time you felt this good so early in the morning? It's in the shower where you notice something odd. Maybe it the warm water, or maybe it's spending several days with your senses dulled by whatever bug kept you in bed, but everything feels amazing.

After you find yourself groaning with pleasure just from lathering up, you realize this might be a problem.

It can't be a power thing, so hopefully you just need to get laid. The thought crosses your mind as you towel yourself off. The towel is safely preserving your modesty by the time you look in the mirror. Hell, your skin's clearing up, and are you more muscular than before?

How do you normally see yourself?:

As an added bonus:

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