Cancelled Flight

From Create Your Own Story

You arrived on time for your flight. You have a business meeting that is taking you away for the weekend, which means your wife does not expect you back anytime soon. You trust your wife, but hate to leave her alone. As you wait, the notice on the board tells you your flight has been cancelled due to inclement weather. There are no flights that will take you where you need to go. You call your manager, and you manager lets everyone know you won't make it for the trip.

You think of calling your wife, but would rather surprise her. The drive home is smooth, which means you lose no time due to traffic. You pull into your driveway and enter through your front door. Once you close the door, you don't see your wife in any of the usual places. You do hear something that sounds suspiciously like moaning coming from upstairs. You follow the noise to your bedroom door, and the moaning gets louder as you approach. You are tempted to throw the door open, but decide to open it slowly instead. You see something that makes you glad you did not rush in.

You see:

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