Can YOU Survive?

From Create Your Own Story

You are Jake, an average dude who lives in a average neighborhood and had an average job. However, soon very destructive forces are going to change your way of life as you know it. You will have to try and survive what just might be the apocalypse. Whether through brute force and cruelty, or through a quick mind and helpful friends, you will have to choose, and live with the consequences of your actions for the rest of your life... how ever long that is.

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You awake on your bed, the room cloaked in shadows. Your window blinds are drawn, making you turn to your alarm clock to check the time. Huh you notice the alarm clock is off, though you trace the wire back to the outlet. Must be another blackout, man that happens way to many times here. Already awake, you decide to head downstairs for a snack. You drag yourself out of bed, stretching while trying to blink away the sleep from your eyes. As you feel around for some clothes, you can't help but notice that it is dead quiet outside. The lack of cars driving down the street or the dogs barking like usual is a little strange, but you shrug it off. You manage to find a pair of jeans and a shirt. After getting dressed you stand up and look around. There is a faint glow coming from your outline of your blinds, but before you can check it out, you hear something clatter downstairs.

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