Camp Skylight

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Welcome to Camp Skylight!

Warning, this story is for 18+ only. If you're not into lemons, it's not recommended for you to read this story. Lemons are not obligated to read, since each upcoming lemon has the option to either be skipped or to not have sex with the given character(s) at all.

Below, you can select various options. These options are: Story, Characters, Chapters and Category.

  • In Story, you can access the story. Information follows as you press on the link.
  • In Characters, you can see a list of all the included and upcoming characters of Camp Skylight. Characters are not yet guaranteed to be in the story, except for characters that are already implemented. When a character is already implemented in the story so far, you can see that behind their names.
  • In Chapters, you can see the included and the upcoming chapters so far. Just like characters, chapters are not yet guaranteed to be implemented. Information regarding sexual intercourse with characters also are not final, and are only a speculation of what to be expected in each chapter.
  • In Category, you can see all the links that redirect you to a point in the story. Each main chapter has several smaller chapters, and you can navigate through these in the Chapters option above or in Category. You can also find some information regarding the story in Category.

If you have read all of the above, then you are good to go and you should easily be able to navigate through the story.

Wish to contribute? Feel free to message me!

Have fun reading the story!

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