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Welcome to Camp Campbell, a shitty summer camp down on its luck, but people send their kids here anyway. This place is most notable for all of its kids’ strangely specified talents and interests and the wacky adventures they have. But starting today, they’ll begin to explore something they never have before (at least during the show): their sexualities!

(Note: I haven’t seen the full show so feel free to add other characters not seen here, as well as your own just for this story. For reference, I’ve completed seasons 1-2 and only the first 2 episodes of season 3)

So with that in mind, you are you?


Main Kids

Max, the trouble maker who’s only talent is being a pessimist and a dick

Nikki, the literal wild child who loves adventure

Neil, the science kid who just wants to partake in science-y things

Side Kids

Dolf, an artsy boy who TOTALLY doesn’t resemble anyone else

Ered, the resident cool kid with a pension for skate boarding

Harrison, magician in training how may or may not have real magic

Nerris, an “elf-kin” obsessed with LARPING and roleplaying games

Nurf, the resident bully who has already explored his sexuality

Preston, a loud, flamboyant boy, with a love of the theater

Space Kid, a dreamer for sure, obsessed with space

Other Kids

Sasha, head girl of the main Flower Scouts

Erin, the second principle Flower Scout

Tabii, the third Flower Scout, with one eye

Edward, First Class Wood Scout

Billy, the Wood Scout called “Snake”

Petrol, the strong, silent Wood Scout

New Kids (Original Characters)


Camp Campbell

David, the overly-happy head counselor of the camp, who is the only one always excited to be here

Gwen, the grumpy, foul foul mouthed counselor, who is only here because she has no other job

Quartermaster, an old, hook, handed resident of Camp Campbell who is…just…strange

Camron Campbell, the shady creator of Camp Campbell, on the run for mysterious charges

Other Adults

Bonquisha, a powerful, black woman who used to date David

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