Call out to the soldiers

From Create Your Own Story

"Hey!" You shout out to the soldiers, and wave. One man points a black-gloved finger at you, and grumbles something through his gas mask. All the other soldiers turn and raise their carbines, and the hall erupts with dust and shrapnel flying everywhere as automatic gunfire tears through everything. Bullets wiz by, making whirring sounds and then loud, cracking noises as they impact and shatter. This is almost inaudible over the blasting loud firing of the guns. You slam against the wall, and push your way through the door into the pitch black stairwell. The door opens again after slamming shut, and loud "Owing" comes from the man who was accompanied you.

"God, they shot me! They goddamn shot me!"

You run, (and he hobbles,) down the stairwell as fast as possible. All the while him crying about his leg. You can just barely see the signs depicting what floors you pass, but you manage, and find floor one. The soldiers seemed to have forgotten about you, and you hobble down the halls until you find a directional sign.

Parking Lot Exit

Patient Waiting Room

These are the only lines that you can read. The others are burned or scratched up badly.

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