Call of the Wilderness

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Call of the Wilderness; a create your own adventure based on surviving in the Wilderness. You decide what you do and when you do it. It's a matter of life and death.


You've always had a yearning to live in the Wild, ever since a you were a child you thought about moving away from society and living off the land. The idea of being self-sufficient was an excellent idea in your mind. As you got older the idea became more and more appealing, you became disenfranchised with society and slowly started learning how to survive, getting classes on how to cook, learning how to use different weapons and make tools from scratch. One Summer you bought a cabin deep in the Wilderness and stayed there for a few months.

The time there taught you a lot and after many years you decided to embark alone, never to return to society. There was only one thing, where would you go?

You decide to go to:

Health 100 Equipment:


Age 25
Level 1
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