Cabin Fever

From Create Your Own Story

Trip to the Cabins

You're Cole Evans. You're an 18 year old senior. You have brown hair cut in a trendy style, medium coif up top and shaved on the sides. You have brown eyes, like most of your family on your dad's side. You have a slim, but toned body.

You are on a family "guys trip" with your dad and brother. This happens yearly, but you can barely remember last year's trip. The only thing that crosses your mind when you think of it is that you were pissed that you had to spend your Spring Break with family and not your girlfriend. Oh how things can change...

In the past year, you've broken up with your girlfriend after doing a bit of soul searching when you realized you're gay. You're out to a few family members and some friends.

When your dad finally pulls up to Cabin 132 and puts the car in "Park," you gather your things and walk inside the cabin to pick your room before your asshole brother can.

There are three rooms. One on the left is bigger, as it's obviously the master. Your dad will probably want that one. Another, on the right, is by a bathroom and just a tiny bit smaller than the master. Finally, the room by the front door is quite small and a bit drafty from being so close to the front entryway.

Which do you pick?

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