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Hail, Basileus. Today, you are about to embark on the story of the Byzantine Empire.

Founded in 330 A.D, the Byzantine Empire was the eastern half of the Roman Empire, which carried the light of Rome throughout the Middle Ages. Byzantium was the successor to Rome, yet they still held themselves to be Romans at heart. However, they lived in a changed world. Most were Orthodox, not pagan, and the vast majority spoke Greek instead of Latin. And although they were stil a great power for much of their existence, they faced decline until their collapse with the fall of Constantinople (Modern Istanbul) in 1453. Will you follow the path of these Emperors into glory? Will you surpass their accomplishments, perhaps even restore Rome for good? Or will you merely fall into the dust, and allow the light of Rome to be extinguished forever.

   You will decide.

Now, you shall choose your start date, and which Basileus you shall replace.

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