Browse toys(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to check the toys out. You walk over to the dildos, and find a real big black one. You pick it up and check it out. You think about how it would stretch your ass out and fill you up completely. You imagine yourself sitting on it, riding it up and down. All of a sudden,

"That a nice one," you hear from behind you. You turn around and see a 6 foot 5 black man, "can you handle that?" He asks.

"Oh yeah," you say in your most feminine voice, "I can handle that and more."

He puts a hand on you shoulder ,"you are very beautiful girl, and if you want I can save you some money on the toy." He says.

"How is that?" You say

"Come back to my house and I'll show you, my names Tyrese," he says. As he grabs his crotch.

You think about it for a second....

Refuse or go with him....

Go home with him(SLBC)

Browse the store(SLBC)

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