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You are a feminine looking 18 year old boy named Courtney. Today is your first day of high school, after having lived a reclusive home-schooled childhood with your mother Jane, 32, and your distant father Tom, 41. When you were born, your mother had been desperate for a girl and was devastated when you arrived with a pecker between your legs. From that point on your mother raised you as her own little girl by growing your hair long like a Disney princess, putting makeup on you and clothing you in dresses. As you didn't know any different you never realized how unique you a childhood you had, until, at 9 years old, you heard your father refer to you as "a little freak", and tell your mother what she was doing "wasn't normal". It was at this time you started to learn how different you were, something that at the time made you doubt yourself but as time grew on and you reached puberty you began to embrace it and when puberty struck, your mother could hold you back no more. On your 18th Birthday, the only gift you asked for was for your mother to send you to high school to be around kids your own age and take advantage of your sexual awakening. You salivated at the thought of all those boys and girls waiting to be fucked.

Wake up and get ready for your first day of school

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