Blue Mountain University

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We are delighted to inform you that you have been admitted into Blue Mountain University. This year we had a record number of applicants, leaving us with a record low admission rate of only 5 percent. We believe you are one of the select few that has the qualities to succeed here, at our beloved institution. We would love to have you as a member of our incoming freshman class, and you are most welcome to reach out to any members of our university between now and the decision deadline, May 1st. Again, congratulations and we hope to hear from you soon!

Best wishes, Admissions Office, Blue Mountain University

  • Follow Professor Ben Stronk, a handsome, highly intellectual 28-year-old member of the psychology department.
  • Follow Alice, a carefree blond freshman who loves male attention and getting her way.
  • Follow Professor Mary Burns, 29-year-old member of the English department, she has a conservative exterior but hides a bit of a wild side.
  • Follow Jacob, a tall and strikingly good looking sophomore, you'll most likely find him working out in the BMU fitness center.
  • Follow Kate, a freshman, innocent and petite, she grew up in a sheltered home and is looking to spread her wings at BMU.
  • Follow Mitch, a junior, strapping, confident, charming, he's a bit of a ladies man, but with a heart of gold.
  • Follow Professor Michael Atticus, new to the faculty, a ruggedly handsome 35-year-old married man with a weakness for sexy co-eds.

Author's Notes:

  • BMU is a private university located in the southwestern United States with 10-15 thousand students. BMU has a beautiful campus, and great academic and athletic programs.

Location list (feel free to add/edit. Campus is square shaped, with dorms focused in the centre):

  • Fontaine Hall: mainly a freshman and sophomore coed dorm located at the middle of campus.
  • Student Fields: large, open grass fields dotted with a few trees located in the middle of campus. Lots of activity here during the day.
  • Williams Hall:
  • Sport And Gymnastics Centre: Containing a basketball court, an indoor track, a gymnastics floor, an Olympic-size swimming pool and the campus gym, the Sports Centre (Commonly refered to among students as the SAG) is a large building that is the core of the university's indoor athletics program, most outdoor sports being conducted on the athletics field. It is a short walk from the student dorms, and links on to the Student Spa.
  • On-campus student run massage therapy & Spa. Sports medicine students provide discount rate massages to students.
  • Administrative Buildings & Student Center: located in the southwest part of campus. Student and visitor parking lots nearby.
  • Athletic fields and stadium: located on the west edge of campus
  • Kappa Omega Phi Frat-house: Drunken parties with the occasional police raid.
  • Andrew's House, He lives there with a few roommates, minor party house.
  • Campus medical center. Frequently used by freshmen for emergency contraceptives.
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