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Note: This is merely the first draft of the introduction to Bloodsport. Changes will eventually be made to make it sound less... stupid. For now, leave suggestions on the talk page.

Centuries ago, an ancient empire worshiped a being so bloodthirsty that it required hundreds of humans sacrifices to be made in its name in an annual tournament. The tournament is only known by what a group of religious Polish caravaneers dubbed it, "Przemocy Konkurencji", or "Violence Tournament". They wrote of terrible "bloody scenes... orgies of pure deprecation." Among their writings was a description of the Przemocy Konkurencji.

"They told us that they did this every year, that their god - their "Blood Queen" demanded it. Their current leader is the son of the missionary who seized control of the empire and forced his worship of this Królowa Krwi upon everybody. He seemed very proud and went on to describe that to keep her happy, they had to change the format the "game" was played in every year.

The first year drew an amazing 1,024 people to compete, allowing them to do an elimination style "method of play", where series of long one-on-one matches lead to to the gradual thinning of their numbers. The next year saw the participants, all 1,556 of them, grouping up in "tribes" and hunting each other in series of massive mazes and chambers for battle. The next combined the two, with groups against groups for spots in the next battlefield. The missionary's son told us as well that recently, the population of the empire was dwindling and that they were forced to stick with at least 200 sacrifices a year - or suffer the wrath of their Królowa Krwi.

He spoke of kidnapping villagers from local settlements nearby and forcing them into the tournament. He convinced Grzegorz to join the marauders in kidnapping, but I held my ground and kept my faith that I would be delivered to safety. Unfortunately, I have been selected as a mistrz for the tournament. Grzegorz has fallen, but I believe that the good lord will keep me safe."

Records from that point on are gone, and the empire fell twelve years later following a failed tournament that ended in the emperor's assistant suddenly murdering him before killing himself. Any records of the tournament were erased or otherwise destroyed, and mentions of a "Bloodsport" were rare, with it only being mentioned once in a Italian merchant's journal.

"The people of the empire were constantly tense, as if expecting some sort of divine influence to crack the sky and bring about the end of times at any moment. They whispered of a "blood sport" practiced long ago."

The Bloodsport has not been played in quite some time... but on this day, the very same Królowa Krwi who once brought safety to an empire in exchange for human life has decided to bring back her games. With a meager 513 students, Creekview High is about to become the perfect location to start. Full of the young and energized, the very life that attracts us to one another, Creekview has caught the attention of someone truly diabolical.

But... when the games begin, what will the rules be? Such things can only be told by time.

Now, what is it that you wish to do?

Assume your role and accept your destiny.

Learn what it takes to guide a potential champion.

Find out who dies today.

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