Blessed Union

From Create Your Own Story

You yawn and stretch, rolling over into the soft, feathery down of the bed. Enjoying the decadent warmth and the silky feel of the bedclothes against your naked body, you keep your eyes closed.

Just one more hour of sleep...

Your other senses begin to intrude on your blissful half-conscious state. A warm smell, like clean hay and expensive wood. The sound of horse hooves on the cobblestones outside. A whiff of a cooking stove and a breakfast nearing perfection. The angle of the bed shifting as a weight is pressed down upon it. The faint whisper of someone's breath near your ear and the heat of another person's warmth at your side.

Wait... another person?

Sit up in shock and find out who's sleeping with you!

Keep your eyes closed and reach out to touch someone...

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