Blackmailed Victim

From Create Your Own Story

You are 18 years old with red hair and green eyes. You are in good shape, since you've declared a war with fat. You have B cup tits, which means you are a little jealous of your older sister since she has larger tits than you. You used to shave the bikini area, but your boyfriend has had you shaving yourself smooth. You haven't done much with him, or anyone else for that matter.

Your mom is 43 years old with formerly blonde hair that's currently dyed red and green eyes. She is not as fit as you but still keeps in good shape. Her breasts may be larger then you and her sister but you don't envy how they sag. Her ass sags a little, but just like you, she believes in staying in shape. She has all her pubic hair.

Your dad is 45 years old with graying hair that were once brown like his eyes. He does not exercise much, but has a strong metabolism. This means he has a little flab, but far from a beer belly. His dick is 8" and has a large girth.

Your big sister is 20 years old with natural red hair and hazel eyes. She exercises enough to keep herself in decent shape. She has perky, C-cup tits. Her ass sags a little, but not as much as your mom's. She trims her pubic hair.

Your big brother is 19 years old with blond hair and brown eyes like your dad. He exercises a little, but food does not seam to impact him at all. His dick is 6" and has a large girth.

You knew you shouldn't have done it, but the pics of you naked and posing had already been sent. Your boyfriend had been begging you to send him pics of yourself, which you fought for a long time. Now that you have given in, you can't believe you sent them to the wrong person. It would be embarrassing under most circumstances, but to send them to a family member is beyond what you can live with. You curse your boyfriend again (and again and again and again) for letting him talk you into taking those pics of yourself, let alone email them.

It is Friday afternoon and you will be alone with that person until Sunday evening.

You accidentally sent the pics to your:

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