Blackmailed Aunt

From Create Your Own Story

This is the story of a nephew's blackmail of his aunt. You can choose to be the blackmailer, the nephew, or the blackmailed, the aunt. Both are written from the first person perspective and follow the same story line.

John is 25 years old, successful and works from home. He has an 8" dick that drives women crazy. He is ruggedly handsome and can have any woman he wants in his own age group, but he has always had a thing for MILFs. He lives alone, which gives him time to enjoy the company of a woman in her mid-forties when the opportunity presents itself.

Sandy is John's aunt and is the 45 year old younger sister of your mother. She has a set of double Ds and nipples that stand out due to being darker than her tits. She has to wear colored bras to ensure she hides her nipples whenever she goes out. She has 3 adult children that have since moved out. She lives with her husband, who takes business trips often leaving her alone for long periods of time.

Do you choose to be:

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