Blackmail Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

This is a story about you, a 17 year old girl living with her family who will be blackmailed into various situations, though you don't know that yet. The entire concept of this story stems from you being forced into various situations by others through blackmail or other non-consensual ways. Your name is Varia Stephen, a white female with long black hair, C-cup breasts and a skinny yet curvy figure. You are not very popular at school, but do have a base of friends, and are pretty smart and athletic, though you play no sports. You are still a virgin as you have never had a boyfriend, but have masturbated before when you felt unusually horny.

Your family consists of:

- Father - Mark Stephen - A 45 year old man who is in pretty good shape, but slightly unstable due to the death of his wife 10 years ago. Very straightforward and not very strict, letting you mostly do what you want.

- Twin Brother - Jacob Stephen - A 17 year old teenager who is better than you at pretty much everything, as he plays sports as well as being a straight A student. He used to always follow you around until the 8th grade, but you don't know why he suddenly stopped.

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