Blacked Widow

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Emma is a twenty five year old widowed mother of one, a boy named Joe who is five, her husband, also Joe, of five years was a contractor but was killed in an industrial accident two years ago, although the compensation she received set her up for life, the marriage was already on the rocks, but she remained single so as not to upset her late husband's family. She stands at five foot one in her bare feet and weighs ninety pounds give or take a few pounds, with 32 A cup breasts and always wears her red hair long and free. Sexually she is inexperienced having only ever had sex with her husband and although she doesn't realise it she is very submissive and easily controlled.

Having just dropped Joe off for his first full day at school the thought of going back to that big empty house sends a shiver down her spine, the other moms' around her slowly leave in their own little cliques eventually leaving her alone, she slowly wipes a tear from her eye before deciding what to do next.

Does she?

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