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Inspired by Crystal Wynd's original work 'Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania' which can be found here [1] . Take a look it's very entertaining or if you want to offer support download a copy on smashwords. To the original auther, my apologies for the blatant plagiarism but I love your work and feel inspired.

We join our reader back stage moments before the start of the next episode of Bimbomania. This new gameshow is taking the country by storm and at the same time helping to overhaul the failing penal system. Ladies convicted of an appropriate crime are sentenced to appear on the show, in which they compete in a series of games to win a reduced jail sentence. As you might of guessed the games are sexual in nature (with increasing depravity). The big twist is through a series stunning advances in modern technology the shows organizers have the ability to modify the contestants.

If you win - you could be free. If you loose - you could literally become a sex-crazed slutty bimbo!

Do you:

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