Big Cock Fun

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Tyler Johnson. You're an eighteen-year-old who is a senior in high school. You come from a fairly wealthy family and are an only child. You stand about 5'10" tall and have an athletic build with a fair amount of lean jock muscles. In addition to being on the varsity lacrosse and soccer teams, you hit the gym often. However, your favorite feature about yourself is your thick, 10-inch cock.

You wake up early one Saturday morning. The sunlight beaming in through your window reflects upon your silky-smooth skin because you sleep in only a pair of boxers. When you get up, you notice your boxers are unusually tight. As you look down, you notice your throbbing dick is running down the leg of your underwear and peeking its head out through the bottom. The sight of this makes you realize how horny you are and you are eager to relieve yourself.

How do you solve your problem?:

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