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height : 6'0" (182cm)

Weight : 142 lbs (64kg)

Bust : 30A

Waist : 22

Hip : 34

General Description : Tall, Thin, Hazel eyes, Brown hair. She's rather good-looking and too cute for her length.

Combat Stats

Favourite Weapon : Barbarian Sword(Massive two-hander), Combat power : 30. (She can keep up with most of the common arena fighters.)

Unarmed Combat Power : 15. (She doesn't particularly like hand-to-hand combat.)

Strength : Low. (She may be tall but her thin frame might get blown away by the wind.)

Speed : Medium. (She's about as fast as anyone who isn't lazy. The size of her weapon slows her down untill she gets used to it)

Endurance : Low. (She gets tired quickly swinging that huge sword around, and she doesn't take hits too well either.)

Willpower : Medium. (Unremarkable, she isn't any more or less stupid than everyone else.)

Magical Ability : None. (She has no magical experience and only heard some tall tales about mages.)

Personal Stats

Patience : Unlimited. (She just doesn't have the guts to say she's bored.)

Diplomacy : Limited. (She might voice her opinion if the company looks friendly enough, she isn't very likely to be taken serious tho.)

Intimidate : None. (She gets intimidated easily, but thats where her knowledge of intimidation ends.)

Bluff : Limited. (Not smart enough to tell a decent lie.)

Charm : Limited. (She never gets approached by boys unless you count the bullies.)

Sneaking : None. (Too clumsy and too tall.)

Acrobatics : Limited. (Does tripping over your own legs count as 'acrobatics'?)

Tool Use : None. (The most complex thing she can deal with is a needle, poorly at that.)

Survival : Low. (she might be able to survive in a town, that's something I guess..)

General Personality : Shy about her height, shy about her looks, shy about her high-pitched voice, shy in general. Generally kind and helpful to others tho she doesn't have the courage to stand up to bullies.

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