Beta Experiment: DNA Death Match

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Rules/Important notes:

  • 1: Each volunteer will face off alone against another in a tournament style progression.
  • 2: All volunteers are equipped with chips attached at the upper spinal column which deliver painful shocks to the brain (Or just kill them if desired) upon activation.
  • 3: The chips are custom designed to each person for maximum effect and will kill the host if removed improperly.
  • 4: There is a main arena which is adaptable for any type of battle. It is completely sealed all around to prevent interference with the study.
  • 5: This is a death match. The only way to proceed is to kill the opponent.
  • 6: Any resemblances to events or people, real or fictional, are purely coincidental.
  • 7: Enjoy.

The year is 2020. You have been selected to beta test our experimental formula. Before we proceed we would like to thank all volunteers for their participation in these vital series of experiments. We would like you to confirm your identity on our mainframe in order to help us track your data input.

Please select your gender.

Health 0 Equipment:


MP 0
Level 0
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