Behind Sarah

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You take your usual seat in behind Sarah. Even though your cousin is your same age, you look nothing alike. She has short brown hair and a more regular size compared to your petite frame. This also means that her breasts are definitely a few sizes larger than yours already. And while you're 5'4" she's almost 5'11"! If she wasn't so lazy she could easily be a star on the volleyball team.

Class was about to start. Ms Hayward, the Sex Ed teacher stood at the front. She was tall, pretty, couldn't have been much into her 20's - fresh from University.

"Alright class, we will pick up right where we left off. Yesterday we were talking about Masturbation and orgasms. We used the chart here to see how a woman can have a clitoral orgasm. Women are lucky, they can actually have orgasms multiple ways! Another common method is through penetration. We will discuss both penetrative masturbation as well as vaginal intercourse. First however, I want everyone to take out a piece of paper and write three questions that they have from yesterday's class. I will collect those and randomly read some anonymous questions aloud."

As you reach down to get a pen from your bag you notice that your cousin's skirt is a little low in the back. You tap her on her shoulder and gently whisper: "Sarah, the top of your panties is showing."

She blushes and thanks you, pulling the skirt up to cover her underwear.

Cute little red ones you think, as you write your 3 questions and continue with the class.

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