Begin your Shift

From Create Your Own Story

9:00 AM. You arrive with the keys and unlock the doors, before pulling back the curtains, flicking open the light switch, and standing behind the counter. Your first day at work, and you gaze around with a new found respect for the shelves around you. In your childhood, this is where you came for the latest Mario or Metroid, handing out money to th man behind the counter. Now, kids come round for the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield, and you are the man behind the counter.

Almost immediately, someone comes in. An older woman, probably around forty, begins wandering the console section. Her breasts, despite her age, refuse to sag, and still hold themselves up with pride. Her long blonde hair flows freely around her neck, touching down in her shirt's neckline, slipping into the breasts.

Can I help you? you ask.

She turns around. Michael? Is that you?

You've learned that its good to pretend to recognize people. It is, you say, smiling.

Its Veronica, remember? From your brother's wedding?' Now you remember. She is your brother's sister in law, Veronica Chambers.

I work here now, you reply.

She glances back at the consoles. I'm looking for something for Jack's birthday; he's almost fourteen, is there anything you would recommend?

From what you remember about Veronica, she isn't the sort of person who appreciates the beauty in shooting aliens in the face. Still, what would you recommend here? You'll have to make a persuasive argument; your paycheck lives or dies on what you manage to sell in the next week.

You glance over the three special offers currently available. A 350 dollar Xbox One, coming with Assassin's Creed: Unity and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, is first on the shelf, alongside a twelve month Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Next on the shelf is a 450 dollar PlayStation 4. Being sold with a free copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

And finally, nearly overlooked, is a 250 dollar Wii U, with Super Mario Wii U and Nintendoland.

Which do you recommend?

Set Veronica's Commitment to 1.

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