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Her name is Serenity, she is currently 22 years old and is slowly discovering the world at her own pace. There are... complications to this strange world however and sometimes people need a guide every once and a while, like... you. Her long, blonde hair that waves in the wind along with her stunning looks makes any man or woman fall for her. But is this a good thing?

After many years of stress and studying from college; she is finally ready to take on the world. Many months have passed since her graduation and she has landed nothing to earn her money or a proper job. Still living with her loving father that pays the rent for the both of them, Serenity lives comfortably. However, she must now gain experiences in life while she still has her beautiful youth. Traveling the world, going on unforgettable vacations or just to have her own place to live for independence.

Personally, Serenity doesn't have much experience when it came to dating, love or sex. Still being a virgin, Serenity had thoughts every once and awhile about these kind of things, was she missing out or was she just being patient? Sometimes having random, wild thoughts about being tied up and used for another persons pleasure drove her passions. Or sometime thinking about being with more than one lover fueled her lust. These random thoughts made her very curious. Her body looks glorious and Serenity would sometimes stare into a mirror and slowly feel herself. Squeezing her smooth and large gifted breasts, she runs her fingers along her tight, untouched and hairless vagina as she thinks about sharing her beautiful body with another man or woman. Serenity always saw men as horny dogs that only wanted one thing; to pleasure themselves upon her youthful body. She always rugged up in extra clothes when she was out in public. Buying and wearing men's jumpers to properly cover herself made her feel a bit more comfortable and protected rather than getting random comments shouted out in the streets about here gorgeous, shapely body. Serenity always frowns when she thinks back from school receiving similar lusty comments from students privately and sometimes even her perverted teachers if she was the last one remaining in class doing extra work.

And here she is, spending most of her time on the net in her room or on the phone whenever she was curious about something that popped into her mind. But she must go out and discover new things in the world, and you are holding her hand.

Where does Serenity begin???

Chapter one: Work 99% finished! ----------------- All there is left is some grammar that probably may need tweaking. NEW BRANCH ADDED!.

Chapter two: Photo shoot 18% finished

Chapter three: A walk in the park 30% finished

Chapter four: Maid service 9% finished

Chapter five: Online fun 13% finished

Chapter six: Serenity's grand adventure!

P.S: Not everything has to end in sex. This story isn't fully about that. Try to stick to one path and continue on it without opening a second tab to have a peek at a opportunity or consequence. Continue one way and then once you're finished, go back to the start and try a different branch. Every choice will direct you to a different ending; the ending will depend on how curious, perverted, strange or even happy your choices are. There are secret endings too (they're not that hidden, it'll just depend on what story branch you take).

Have fun...

Lastly, if anyone really reads my work and is interested in leaving feedback, comments, etc, please do so here ---> Serenity: Feedback

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