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He could remember it almost like it was yesterday... His quest. That darned map. Why did it have to be so confusing?


The King stood before the people and spoke:

"And so we send our most heroic warrior, Lord Frederige D'Honaire, to vanquish the most terrible dragon of the Southern Caves. For years the dragon has tormented our people, burned our fields, taken our children and been a general threat to our Great Kingdom, Allaria."

"Lord Fred, take this map. Use it to locate the entrance to the dragon's lair at the Southern Caves. May God be with you on your quest."


Fred looked at the map again. "This is where it should be", he muttered to himself...

Fred looked up from the map viewing the two entrances again. The map didn't say anything about two entrances.

"I can't just sit here forever... I suppose I'll have to choose one... Which will it be?"

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