Beg and plead for another chance(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

"Stop Tyrone, please, I promise not to scream anymore I'll do what you say."

He stops in his tracks you're in the kitchen you can see the pool and loungers through the window, he seems caught in two minds but then a smile spreads across his face.

"I know how we can settle this." He spins you around and pushes you to your knees his black cock swinging in your face. "Okay bitch this is your last chance, if you can get me nice and hard with that mouth of yours, I'll bend you over the kitchen table and fuck you, if not."

He doesn't finish the sentence, you both know how it will go down if you don't do this. You reach out and take hold of his cock, it is bigger and heavier than your own and nervously you take it in to your mouth, it as a sweaty salty taste to it, you keep up a steady sucking pressure and you can feel him slowly start to harden, you didn't think it was possible but as he hardens it grows some more until he is fully erect.

Does he?

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