Becca: Age 20

From Create Your Own Story

You're Becca. You have a porn star's body with hige tits,curvy hips, a thin waist and an ass that won't quit. You met your Mistress a couple of years ago and you recently became engaged to her. Of course she has other pets so the engagement and soon to be marriage is more of a ceremonial thing rather than a legal marriage but you still love her deeply and she you.

Today is your birthday and you're just finishing up your shift as line cook at your Mistress' hotel. She owns a small chain but this was her first property and she still likes to have a hand in running it.

As you're cleaning up the chef comes to you.

"Rebecca," he says, "the GM was asking to see you before you leave today."

You blink and tilt your head, playing along.

"Alice wants to see me? Why?"

The chef shrugs, "probably wants to wish you a happy birthday."

"Oh," you say with a nod. "Very well then."

You hurry to finish your work up, excited to get to see Mistress in the middle of the day. You head out the kitchen to the Hotel's back office and knock at Mistress' door. She answers and smiles. She almost looks like an older version of you? The epidemy of a MILF. Only she's wearing a business suit instead of a chef's jacket.

"Ms. DeLeo," she says formally, "please come in."

"Yes ma'am," you say stepping inside.

Alice closes and locks the door to her office and then the blinds. She turns to you with an admiring smile on her face.

"You look beautiful today my pet," she says coming closer to you.

You blush and smile.

"Thank you Mistress," you reply shyly.

"Now onto business," she says. "I called you here...

"to wish you a Happy Birthday!" She wants to make you cum.

"because I know you like edible presents." She wants you to eat her out.

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