Beauty and the Horny Beast

From Create Your Own Story

Belle, a french word meaning Beautiful. The name given to you by your mother, moments before she passed away. A perfect name. For you are beautiful, very, very beautiful. Your D-Cup breasts are soft but pirky, with a perfectly rounded shape to them, topped off with cuke pink nipples. Your curves are in a lucious hour glass figure, a thin waist, contrasted by wide hips. Beautiful silk-like blond hair, and captivating blue eyes, with full pouting red lips. The envy of every woman, and desire of every man.

At eighteen, you are the youngest of three sisters. Your sisters Grace and Melodie, though beauties themselves, harbor a secret resentment that you get all the attention from the local men. Coupled with your natural kindness and grace, no woman could ever compete with you. And many hate you for it.

The daughter of a merchant, you live life comfortably, and always have. But many things have kept your father from knowing true happiness, and it breaks your heart. Though he loves you most of all, nothing could replace the wife he lost when she gave birth to you. For that, you feel responsible to care for your entire family, to make up for what was lost.

Today, as the sun rises and gently spreads across your face, you are overjoyed to remember that this is the day when your father is about to make the biggest deal of his life. A deal that will set you and your family up for the rest of your lives It's been ages since you've seen your father so excited, and want to do something special.

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