Beastly World

From Create Your Own Story

( Note this is a Bestiality story a tasteful one so no vore scat or furrys [not that there is anything wrong with these its just not what im allowing etc enjoy)

In the Distant future humanity had left our star system and had discovered alien life. Unbeknownst to the humans but our DNA has adapted in a way that allowed us to genetically dominate the alien species through all alien females that are able to be impregnated by humans giving birth to human children. the galactic community furious at such a development forced humans back to their home world through a war that lasted a century. they irradiated the earth with an experimental weapon that was supposed to attack the human DNA sequence but instead modified all other earth life giving them human DNA traits, specifically the trait of having all children be the species of the father. With their civilization in shambles and all the animals of earth now pillaging villages to steal human females back to their respective herds and packs, humanity has been reduced to a caveman like state where they struggle to survive. Now as a full grown adult you get to fill a role in your tribe and try to survive this beastly world. Who will you be in your small tribe? Will you be a proud sexual hunter trekking the wilderness searching for females of any species to mate and bring home? A frightened female gatherer just trying not to scooped up by any number of beasts? or a something in between such as a lady guard (males that are not as physically dominant that simply guard the females at camp)? or maybe something else? in this world its mated or be mated and its a struggle to survive survive.

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