Beast Breeding Farm

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Your parents died of unknown reasons and left you behind a farm full of beast/monsters. You decided to claim it and continue the family tradition of monster breeding.

Guild Girl "Hello, my name is Sara. So you're here to claim your parent's property I see. In that case you must be..."


  • Ashley, a 22 year old girl with ivory short hair, purple eyes, DD cup breasts, and a round and firm ass. You likely wear skimpy clothing.
  • Annie, an 18 year old girl with brown shoulder-length hair, red eyes, and flat, underdeveloped breasts. You likely wear a pink dress.


  • Drake, a 21 year old guy with blond short hair, green eyes, and a strong build. You likely wear a white shirt and blue jeans.
  • Tommy, a 18 year old boy with black short hair, blue eyes, and a lean, boyish build. You likely to wear blue black shorts and a blue shirt


  • Natasha, a 20 year old girl with brown stylish hair, red eyes, DD cup breasts, a great ass, and a big cock. You like to wear undersized clothing.
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