Beachside Holiday

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It has been months since you had even a day away from work, let alone the chance to spend a whole two weeks on vacation. All the hard work you have put in over the years has paid off now though, and you can afford to put your feet up and relax. You've even blocked all business calls on your phone and have left your assistant manager with the full responsibility of running the business while you're away.

Of course there have been some sacrifices you've made to get to where you are in your career. Foremost of these has been to your sex life. Sure, you've managed to get to your local book store to pick up some adult "reading material" to get yourself off every couple of days, but you haven't touched a woman for what seems like an eternity. So, your main aim on this holiday is to get with as many women as possible.

You're not a bad looking guy, if you say so yourself. In fact, you're pretty damn good looking. Despite all the hours you've been putting in at the office, you've also been religious about hitting the gym. You may be in your mid-thirties, but you're in better shape than most college guys. Tall, ripped, handsome, and loaded -- you're finally at a place in your life where you have it all. Not to mention that you're extremely "blessed" where it counts... It's time to take advantage of all your hard work.

You were hoping to start on the plane trip, but ended up in the window seat next to a middle-aged couple who run one of the local bars, "Sandy's." They explain to you that there are three types of bars in the town: One where the rich kids hang out, drinking cocktails and sharing stories about how their parents won't buy them a Porsche this year. Another is the type of place where the patrons are just there to get drunk and pick up a one night stand. The third is more like their's, where people can go and have an ice cold beer and relax in a relatively quiet, civilised atmosphere. As you wait for your luggage on the carousel you think to yourself that you must pay a visit to each of these type of venue during your stay.

You have reserved the penthouse suite of a 5 storey beachside hotel right in the heart of where all the action is and after an uneventful taxi ride, you book in and make your way up to your room. So far you have been disappointed by the lack of opportunity to even talk to hot women, as the lobby was almost empty and the receptionist was a mid-thirties local guy with thinning hair and a slight paunch. However, you noticed with some interest during the cab ride that there were a few groups of people already heading towards the beach. It was only mid-morning, but it was obviously going to be a very hot day.

When you get to your rooms you are pleased to see that you have a king-size bed, a huge bathroom with spa and large shower, a separate sitting area with a large screen TV and DVD player, and most importantly, a well-stocked minibar. Five years ago you wouldn't have even been able to stay for one night in such an opulent room, but now you could probably buy the entire hotel, so you don't think twice about how much it is going to cost for the two weeks you are here.

Do you:

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