Bayport Girls' Academy

From Create Your Own Story

Today is your first day at Bayport Girls' Academy, a prestigious boarding school located on a hill overlooking the large city of Bayport. First, here's a general overview of your character:

Natalie Levitt

Age: 16

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Green

As part of the introductory school tour, you meet a few of the staff:

  • Ms. Anderson, the Headmistress
  • Ms. Douglas, her secretary
  • Ms. Lockwood, the English teacher
  • Ms. Parris, the math teacher
  • Ms. Brooke, the PE teacher

You then drop your stuff off at your dorm room. Your roommate is Rachel, a blonde, athletic girl the same age as you. She seems nice when you introduce yourself.

After the tour, your guide says you have a few hours to do what you want before dinner. Where do you go?

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