Batman: Sex Adventures

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Gotham City The Batcave, under Wayne Manor

The cave's large interior echos all the natural sounds inside; rushing water coming from above and flowing into the depths of the cave; the squeaking of creatures of the cave far above in the roof and other pathways. On the reverse side, it also magnifies the sounds of the mechanical whirring from various technologies, the beeping of sophisticated computers, and the light typing at a keyboard, manned by the Dark Night himself.

You were typing in the computer, scanning the city for possible threats. Currently, there was no immediate threat, but as with Gotham, danger tended to lurk around every dark alley, waiting to take form. You stand and walk away from the computer, looking at recent crimes for any suspicious loose ends. At the moment, Joker was gone...his last defeat left him very wounded, and once again, likely dead...likely, that is, for anyone but Joker. Regardless, he would not show his pale face for some time, which was a relief. But that still did not account for the hundreds of other possible things that could go wrong.

"Sir...I do hope you are not overworking yourself again." You hear the familiar voice of Alfred behind you, in his familiar chiding, concerned tone. You both of course knew that you would always overwork yourself, and you both knew the inevitable outcome. Still, perhaps, for tonight, he may have some truth in his words, and things wouldn't be a constant struggle.

"May I suggest, sir, a night perhaps not spent in your usual manner of tracking one threat, but a night. It has been some time since you've roamed the city, and the Bat Family and Justice League always welcome you." Your moment of silence, as opposed to the usual denial of such, must give the butler the victory he sought, for the walks off, and you can here his footsteps along the catwalks until he goes up the elevator into the manor. All that he said was true, and it had been a while since you had time to yourself...

You decide perhaps his idea for the night had merit, but before you can take action on this, you hear a noise from the evidence room. Grappling there within seconds, you barge in, not waiting to see what it could be. To your mild surprise, it's a...plant. Obviously one of Ivy's plants, bio-engineered to have massive growths after a period of "hibernation". You had taken the small spore-like plant as evidence, but now it was 5 feet tall and not looking friendly. With lightning fast reflexes as always, you instantly throw a Batarang designed to kill Poison Ivy's mutant plants, but before the projectile hits, the plant produces a sickly-sweet, purple vapor. You know this trick to be Ivy's pheromones, but they usually do not affect you due to immunity and filters, but at the moment you do not have a filter on, and this is a new strain. Luckily it doesn't take full affect, but you can feel the shift in your thinking process. You maintain your sanity and personality, but you also feel the emotional guard you put up falling down. Tonight, the Batman would be vulnerable, not to bullets or fists, no conventional weapon. You would be vulnerable to something in you, something you kept locked tight most of the time, but tonight could run free. Tonight, the Batman would be vulnerable to sex.

You decide that this cannot hold up your night...or perhaps it is because of this that you want to get out even more and see some people who you've neglected. The pheromones haven't lost your sense of reason, and you could still refrain from sex, but you know you're only as immune as an average man would be...which wouldn't be much. In a world of sexy women in tights, you may have some issues as the night went on. But for the moment, you behaved as normal, and started the night as you always do.

In The Batcave

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